Chateau Orquevaux Residency, 2017

The month of May was spent entirely in Champagne-Ardenne, the northeastern region of France where I had a studio at the Chateau Orquevaux artist residency.  The experience was transformative for my painting, as well as for writing music and my life.  The effects of the time spent there I still see to this day, to the point where I have to admit that the opportunity of being selected for the residency and meeting the other artists and working in France was career and life-altering, an experience I will never forget. 

Prelude, April 2017

In April, just before leaving for France for a residency at Chateau Orquevaux, I was fortunate to be able to present my most recent work for a second time at Circle of Hope artist gallery in Fishtown.  Thank you to everyone who came out to see the work, I could not have asked for a better send-off for the residency.

Jon Wilkening - Creative Bar podcast, Episode 9

Jon Wilkening is a photographer, coworker and friend who came by the studio earlier this month where we recorded an excellent conversation which is now his ninth episode of his Creative Bar podcast series. It's a real pleasure to stretch out with a friend who operates in a similar creative sphere as you and share thoughts. I hope it's the first of many - check it out, and check out his work @jonwilkening . Our mediums may be different but our goals as artists made this a chat to remember.


Chateau Orquevaux Artist Residency 2017

With much gratitude, I'm excited to share that I've received early acceptance to Chateau Orquevaux's 2017 Artist Residency! I cannot wait to meet the other artists and share the work I will be doing there here. Thank you, @chateau.orquevaux 2017 cannot come fast enough!

The Resource Exchange and artistic sustainability @ WHYY, August 2016

Thanks again to the summer interns at WHYY for the opportunity to speak about The Resource Exchange and sustainable art-making in Philadelphia. The work they do @theresourceexchange is so incredibly important and I was honored to speak on their behalf!

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Circle of Hope Gallery, February 2016

Thank you to everyone who came out to the opening or closing this past February, and a special thanks to everyone at Circle of Hope.  It was the ideal space for the pieces - I could not have asked for better!


The Resource Exchange reCreate Gallery, April 2015